Abulas area partnership - Local Action Group (LAG) was found in 2006. The general target of the LAG is to create and develop the best living environment.
      There are seven rural municipalities in Smiltene region - Bilska, Blome, Branti, Launkalne, Palsmane, Smiltene, Varini and Smiltene town. LAG location area 816.6 km. Population is aproximate 13 000.
      Abulas area partneship has done the Strategy of local development 2009-2013. The main target is rural economy diversification and developing of quality of the life in the LAG territory and promotions of competitiveness in LAG territory.
he main actions are LEADER activities. Grants from ELFLA give opportunities for nongovernmental organizations, municipalities and enterprises to realize project - improvement of environment, different activities for citizens and support for new services.

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